Service & Restorations

Specialist in the restoration, repair, and upcycling of vintage electronic and mechanical equipment.

My workshop is not your typical repair shop

Through many years of practice and experimentation both in the UK and in Germany, I have honed and developed a uniquely individual approach to restoring, repairing, and cleaning almost any vintage electronic or mechanical item.

As a part-time meditation, I have found solace in immersing myself in schematics and the art of restoring both the optics and mechanics of the equipment. For the past seven years I have relied solely on word-of-mouth referrals to bring repairs to my workshop without any advertising efforts on my part. As many of my customers will happily testify, my workshop near Totnes in Devon is not your average typical repair shop.

My goal is to preserve the quality and character of such vintage electronic and mechanical products, and to bring them back to life for modern day usage.

At Telegraph Hill Services, I pride myself on my ability to successfully handle complex electronic and mechanical problems, which other technicians sometimes have previously failed to deal with, often rendering them uneconomically viable to repair commercially. This is where my personal and competitively priced service comes in. The underlying fault with the hardware in question is meticulously diagnosed, analysing what was done incorrectly in the past, why it failed, before finally carrying out the appropriate repair.

Not only is the preservation of these older classic items both potentially a way of saving money in the long run and an extremely good long term financial investment, but even more importantly a very effective way of recycling and reducing waste.

Contact me today for a friendly chat to learn more about the bespoke services I can offer and to discuss your specific restoration needs.